At the beginning of the new school year started, more than 200 new students to a school, HAVO or VWO education at the Stedelijk in Zutphen. All of these students go every week exercise several times a week and chose this school for mandatory gym clothes. 

Since it is a huge work is to identify the dimensions of all these students to check payments and ultimately share everything. We take for this school therefore as much work as possible! 

Order through the shop and pay via PayPal

All new students get through the Municipal Zutphen sent a letter to herein the link to the shop of the Stedelijk in Zutphen . In this shop parents can easily gym clothes and ordered with a few clicks and obviously pay safe and fast with PayPal. This leaves the school not to send more invoices and no payments of control.

Delivery per class in school

After the ordering period, we send all gym clothes per class at the Stedelijk in Zutphen. This allows the physical education teacher or mentor can simply deliver the order to the student. 

Would you also no longer have to work with your school your gym clothes and / or school shirts? Please contact us and buy already a sample package with examples of our shirts .